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Product Leader | Film Tech Founder | Creative Producer

I'm TD (Stills), a film tech founder, creative producer, and writer dedicated to providing streaming capabilities to marginalized voices that are seldom overlooked.

Multi-Hyphenate Product Leader based in LA/ATL specializing in the entertainment industry.


As storytellers, we can empathize with diverse experiences, learn from diverse perspectives, and foster deeper connections. Crafting and sharing inclusive stories can drive societal change. My career, rooted in streaming tech, content creation, and storytelling, aims to amplify overlooked stories, elevate seldom-heard voices, and help encourage that change. I've supported independent filmmakers in the entertainment industry by providing a streaming platform,, for global distribution and producing award-winning content. Moving forward, I am dedicated to continuing to engage more in the creative process, championing new narratives, and empowering marginalized voices through technology and streaming capabilities.

Currently serving as the Head Product Manager at Allen Media Group, a diverse and inclusive brand, my established history of success showcases my proficiency in leading teams and organizations to develop streaming capabilities that give marginalized voices an ecosystem for showcasing their stories. I have skillfully guided software development and produced content across formats like short-format, long-format, animated, live-action, video games, and streaming technology.

I thrive on solving complex problems and delivering top-notch user experiences through digital platforms and content creation.

StrengthsFinder: 1) Strategic 2) Command 3) Ideation 4) Self-Assurance 5) Competition  |  MBTI: ENTP | Enneagram: Type 8, 3, 7

I create better experiences for humans - The digital way

I get excited by building innovative ideas, solving complex problems, and managing a project to completion.

I am an ENTP, Enneagram Type 8, and Strength Finders: Strategic Individual.

Strategic Planning

Roadmapping,  A/B Tests, Project Management

Market & User Research

Market Analysis, Experiment Design,Usability Testing

Product Manager

Product Manager, SDLC, Agile, End-to-End Product

Design Manager

User Stories, User Flows, Wireframes, Persona Writing

Requirements Engineering

Document requirements, problems, and use cases

Customer First

user interviews, creating feedback loops

Skills, Expertise, Education

I get excited by building innovative ideas, solving complex problems, and managing a project to completion.


Amira Learning Mobile Game

Agile Product Manager & Producer


Streaming App

OTT Product Manager


Digital Series... Coming Soon

Executive Producer

Nike Web UX

Creative Producer & Animator

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